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Congratulations to our fellows

Nikole Justice

Nikole Justice has accepted a position as Southern Region Director for Wells Center and will supervise fifteen employees and two supervisors. She will be in charge of the substance abuse programs at the Duquoin Impact Incarceration Program (DOC Prison), the Dixon Springs Impact Incarceration Program, and the East STL Impact Incarceration program.

Perry Huff

Perry Huff has been hired at Ampersand Families in Minneapolis, MN. This organization works with adolescents in foster care and transitional youth. From Perry:

"During my second interview they posed questions to me about the trauma, grief, and loss that these youth face and they also mentioned Bruce Perry! I felt very prepared to talk about trauma and what I had learned about trauma's impact on brain development. I have to credit the fellowship for providing me with this wealth of knowledge on trauma and youth because without it I likely would not have been able to answer those questions."