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Welcome from Director

Dear Fellows,

Congratulations on making it to the Fellowship list. I am honored to be able to welcome you to this inaugural year of our Trauma Based Behavioral Health Fellowship. This is a prestigious opportunity to train with dedicated professionals with over 100 combined years of clinical experience. With your participation, our mission is to build a sustainable network of clinicians to better serve the Southern Illinois Region by focusing on a trauma based understanding of children’s and young people’s behavioral health.

I consider trauma based approaches to mental health as an important lens in understanding the future of clinical social work. With increasing improvement of brain imaging technologies, new strides in psychotropic medicines and eventual medicalization of mental health practices, training on the mechanism and influence of psychological trauma on long term mental health of children and young people is an essential bulwark for future intervention. Trauma works in myriad ways, often victims of intense traumatic events show no signs of psychological trauma yet sometimes victims of relatively less intense event end up deeply traumatized. New scientific research of psychological assessment and treatment increasingly call for therapists to be trauma informed and trauma trained. Children, adolescent and transitional youth are more vulnerable since their coping mechanisms to psychological trauma is limited.               

I obtained this federal funding that sponsored this Trauma Fellowship to train social work student with cutting-edged skills on trauma informed behavioral health practice.  I recognize the importance of using the latest advances in research on trauma informed behavioral health practices and the multidisciplinary team of trainers will orient you with a trauma informed lens in assessing and understanding behavioral problems.  You will undergo a rigorous 26 session training program designed to provide a comprehensive overview of trauma.

This is, in many ways, a first. You are our first group of fellows and this is the first kind of training provided for Advanced Level graduate students in social work at SIUC. Social workers need training on trauma based behavioral health and this program has been designed to advance your education by propelling you to the forefront of clinical research. Our only goal is that you will use these trainings to contribute back to the community and help children in rural communities like Southern Illinois to live a better quality life.

I thank you for your commitment to service and again welcome you to the Trauma Based Behavioral Health Fellowship.

Dhrubodhi Mukherjee, Ph.D., MSW
Program Director/Principal Investigator
Trauma Based Behavioral Health Fellowship