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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is the TEP Capstone Portfolio organized?

A: This portfolio is a multiple-page website (document) created from a LiveText template that features five pages: two introductory pages, and three pages aligned to the TEP Conceptual Framework's Tenets.

  • The first introductory page is a general explanation for all readers about the purpose of the portfolio.
  • The second introductory page is yours to personalize and to introduce yourself as a beginning teacher.
  • Each of the tenet pages is aligned to the Illinois Professional Teaching Standards.

Q: What content am I expected to include in the TEP Capstone Portfolio?

A: You will complete each tenet page by providing at least one artifact, and possibly two, for every Illinois Professional Teaching Standard. ALL artifacts should come from your student teaching semester. Your selected artifacts should be evidence of meeting ALL aligned standards related to that tenet. You should add a sentence or two introducing your artifacts. You should also select the appropriate indicators for the standard and artifact(s).

Q: Who will help me prepare the TEP Capstone Portfolio and get ready for my presentation?

A: Your clinical supervisor will read and provide feedback on your portfolio. If you have questions and need further assistance, please contact your clinical supervisor first, but you may also contact the Assessment Office on campus or the program coordinator of your major for assistance. It is your responsibility to seek the help you need to be successful. You may take the initiative to schedule a mock or practice presentation for your clinical supervisor and/or cooperating teacher and/or student teaching peers in order to feel comfortable navigating your portfolio while delivering your presentation.

Q : How will my TEP Capstone Portfolio be assessed?

A: The TEP Capstone Portfolio will not be assessed separately from the TEP Capstone Presentation. The rubric for the oral presentation is the one and only formal assessment. The format of the presentation will be like a professional interview. You will present all pages in the order given in the portfolio template. You will follow the lead of your Capstone facilitating faculty, who are the assessors of your presentation.

Q: What other information is available to guide me?

A: During your professional semester (student teaching), in your LiveText account, your Dashboard contains the assignment—TEP Capstone Portfolio. View assignment details for electronic handouts and to find the LiveText template you will use for the TEP Capstone Portfolio. The rubric used for your oral presentation (the one formal assessment of the TEP Capstone Portfolio Presentation) is linked as a Resource along with this and other instructional handouts. Please take time to familiarize yourself with it.