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Excellence in Elementary Teaching of Mathematics

Denise Brown, winner of the ICTM Excellence in Elementary Teaching of Mathematics AwardDenise Brown from Carruthers Elementary School in Murphysboro received the Excellence in Elementary Teaching of Mathematics Award from the Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics (ICTM). The ICTM is dedicated to encouraging an active interest in all areas of  mathematics education, and to enhancing the teaching and learning of mathematics.

In selecting Ms. Brown for this award the ICTM recognized her use of a  variety of sound teaching strategies and instructional resources, and her effectiveness as a mathematics educator. Her enthusiasm for math and for teaching ignites her students’ interest and makes them eager learners.

Denise Brown is a seasoned teacher with fifteen years of experience. For the past eight years, she has been teaching fifth grade at Carruthers Elementary School, has been a mentor cooperating teacher for SIUC teacher candidates for the past three years, and currently serves as a Noyce Master Teaching Fellow within "A Community of Problem Solvers".  During her time at Murphysboro she also earned her M.S.Ed. with specialty areas of Mathematics and Science Education from SIUC.

In his Weekly Message Dr. Tony Smith, State Superintendent of Education commented on Denise’s dedication and her ability to constantly find new and exciting ways to engage her students.