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Advisory Board for Teacher Education

Advisory Board of Teacher Education (ABTE)

Photograph L-R: Daniel Booth, Dr. Andrea Brown, Julie Bohnsack, Dr. Nancy Mundshenk, Crystal Housman, Cheryl Graff, and Gerald Speith.

The COEHS has long sought the collaboration and support of our P-12 school partners whenever designing and implementing revisions in the overall teacher education program, including the conceptual framework and dispositions, or in individual disciplines. The Advisory Board for Teacher Education consists of unit faculty as well as P-12 teachers and administrators and meets to discuss the status of the program as well as to consider recommendations for improvement.

Dr. Nancy Mundschenk
Director of Teacher Education

Cheryl Graff
Regional Superintendent ROE#30 

Julie Bohnsack,
SIU Instructor and P-12 educator (retired)

Daniel Booth
Principal, Carbondale Community High School
Carbondale, IL

Dr. Andrea Brown
Illinois State Board of Education (retired)
Springfield, IL

Crystal Housman
Principal, Cobden Junior and Senior High School
Cobden, IL

Gerald Speith
Clinical Supervisor, SIU
Carbondale, IL

Julie Wittenborn-Sikorski (not pictured)
Murphysboro, IL