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A student may register for up to six hours of dissertation credit (WED 600) prior to being advanced to candidacy. In completing the dissertation research requirement, the candidate should:

  1. Become familiar with Graduate School policies and guidelines regarding dissertation research.
  2. Enroll in WED 594, Advanced Research Methods, to formulate a research interest and learn how to develop a research proposal. It is recommended that students take this course relatively early in their program of study.
  3. Work with their doctoral committee chair (and committee members as appropriate) to conceptualize a research problem and develop a comprehensive research proposal. The proposal may be a continuation of the one written in WED 594 or an entirely new proposal depending on current interests and feedback provided by the committee chair.
  4. Distribute a copy of the completed proposal to doctoral committee members and schedule a formal meeting of the committee to discuss and evaluate the appropriateness of the research. Upon reaching a consensus regarding the proposed research, the committee signs an approval form and copies of the form and proposal are filed with the Dean of the College of Education and Human Services.
  5. The candidate then works independently under the direction of the chair and the committee until the research is completed and the dissertation document is written.

When the doctoral committee chair determines that the dissertation is finished, copies are distributed to members of the committee and the final oral defense is scheduled.