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Residency Requirement

The residency requirement for the doctorate must be fulfilled after admission to the doctoral program and before formal admission to doctoral candidacy. The residency requirement is satisfied by completion of 24 semester hours of graduate credit on campus as a doctoral student within a period not to exceed four calendar years. No more than six hours of deferred dissertation credit may be applied toward fulfillment of the 24 semester hours residency requirement. No doctoral student will be permitted to sign up for more than six hours of dissertation until candidacy has been achieved. Any dissertation hours registered for above the six permitted prior to candidacy will not be counted toward completion of the doctoral degree. Credit earned in concentrated courses or workshops may apply toward fulfillment of the residency requirements if the student is concurrently registered for a course spanning the full term. No more than six semester hours of short course or workshop credit may be applied to the 24 semester hours residency requirement.

(Source: Adapted from the 2009-2010 Graduate Catalog)