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College of Education and Human Services

NS Great Lakes, IL

Contact Information

Forrest Robinson
Program Advisor at NS Great Lakes, IL

2221 MacDonough Dr.
Bldg 617 Room 203
NS Great Lakes, IL 60088-3012

P: 847-689-0055 or 847-689-0076

Sana Haque
Independent Study Course Manager

Tingting Liu
Independent Study Course Manager

List of Classes

Course ID Credit
Course Title Required for
WED 258/259 Occupational and Technical Training Credit Second Semester
WED 381 3 Technical Communication First Semester
WED 382 3 Developing Your Career First Semester
WED 460 3 Occupational Analysis and Curriculum Development First Semester
WED 461 3 Workforce Education Needs Assessment Second Semester
WED 462 3 Instructional Methods and Materials First Semester
WED 463 3 Assessment of Learner Performance Second Semester
WED 465 3 The Human Resource Specialist Third Semester
WED 466 3 Foundations of Workforce Education Third Semester
WED 468 3 Education/Labor Force Linkages Second Semester
WED 469 3 Training Systems Management Third Semester
WED 486 3 Adult Learning Second Semester
WED 498 1-5 Special Problems Third Semester