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Message from Dean M Cecil Smith

Dean M Cecil Smith Welcome to the new School of Education at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. The School of Education, previously a part of the former College of Education and Human Services, has an identity that is deeply intertwined with the history of the University as the institution has grown over the past 151 years from a small normal (“teacher training”) school to a major research institution. The outstanding faculty in the School of Education prepare students to become teachers in classrooms—from preschool to graduate school—as well as to work as school, college, or university administrators, learning specialists, instructional designers, and education researchers. Our faculty members are committed to providing a top quality and rigorous education that will enable you to achieve your career goals. Almost immediately as a student in the teacher education program, you will find yourself actively participating in PreK-12 classrooms, tutoring individual students, and teaching under the guidance of a mentor elementary or secondary school teacher and clinical supervisor.

Southern Illinois University Carbondale has a proud history of being a diverse and welcoming campus. We in the School of Education believe that there is strength in diversity and, as such, our academic programs offer endless opportunities for personal growth and an expansive view of the world.

Take a look at our undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs to determine which academic areas best match your interests and professional goals. You will find our programs’ curricula to be rigorous, challenging, and well-suited to learning and instruction in the complex environments of modern schools. We offer on-campus residential programs as well as off-campus and online courses for students throughout the southern Illinois region, statewide, and around the world.

Come join us in the School of Education, where we are always learning and always leading!