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Submitting to the Journeys

Journeys Magazine We at Journeys welcome submissions and news items from students, faculty, staff and alumni. Our publications represent our College from top to bottom and all fields of experience, interest and success, and we hope to show our friends, our community and the world the strength of our diversity.

PUBLICATION DATES: Fall semester and Spring semester.

Submission Policy

Submitting written material: All articles, news, events and photographs submitted to the editor must include the author's name, academic unit address and telephone number for verification and contact purposes.  We reserve the right to edit any submissions and make corrections, omit material, or do minor reorganization as required to achieve a reasonably consistent look and feel to the submitted work. If major revisions are required Journeys' editor(s) will rewrite it and give the author an opportunity to review the changes.

The Journeys editor reserves the right to reject any submissions for any reason. Articles not published do not reflect badly on the quality of the submitted material but rather on it being too redundant with existing articles or the submission deadline has been missed or because of space shortage in the layout of the publication. We will not publish anything that we consider libelous or that does not meet our requirements. We do not guarantee when, where, or even if an article will appear in Journeys eNewsletter or on its accompanying web site(s).

Submission Form:

The information you provide will be considered for publication in Journeys.  Please fill in the web form below and click on the submit button at the bottom to submit your information.

Tell Us about your accomplishments/news

Is the accomplishment/news a(n):



  1. Feature articles should be no less than 650 word and no more 950 words
  2. Compose and place in submit form within Description and/or Written Article area 
  3. DO NOT compose or send an article in the body of an email.
  4. DO NOT send forwarded emails.


  1. News articles should be no less than 150 word and no more 500 words per individual news event
  2. Compose and place in submit form within Description and/or Written Article area
  3. DO NOT compose or send an article in the body of an email.
  4. DO NOT send forwarded emails.


  1. Send all photographs/images to as an email attachment. DO NOT paste images/photographs into a word document.
  2. Photographs should be shot at no less than 180 ppi; 300 ppi is recommended and saved as a jpeg.
  3. The Journeys editor(s) reserve the right to reject any or all photographs that are:
    1. Save below 180 ppi
    2. Saved in a different format other than an jpeg
    3. Blurry and out of focus
    4. Inserted in the body of an email
    5. Inserted in a forwarded email
    6. Copied from a website
    7. Poor quality
  4. Photographer should supply their name, if credit is desired.
  5. All photographs must be accompanied with a caption that:
    1. Identify all people in the photograph being submitted
    2. Listing individuals from L to R, Front to Back and/or with row numbers.


If you do not want to submit a written article or do not have a photographer on staff but you know of a great story or know of an achievement worth mentioning please schedule an appointment.

Call a week in advance if possible to 453-5177 for photograph appointments for:

  • On site, at events, conferences, and/or presentations
  • In house, in Wham 135F for portraits and small group shots

Call a week prior to an event to 453-5177 to schedule interview appointments during the time slot for accepting article for Journeys.

  • Call during September and October for the Fall publication due out in early December
  • Call during February and March for the Spring publication due out in early May