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Jones Fulbright Scholar Awardee

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COEHS is proud to celebrate Dr. Sosanya Jones in her selection of being a J. William Foreign Fulbright Scholar in 2015-2016. The J. William Foreign Fulbright Scholarship is a program of highly competitive, merit-based grants for international educational exchange for students, scholars, teachers, professionals, scientists, and artists. Founded by United States Senator, J. William Fulbright, in 1946, the Fulbright Program, competitively selects persons to study, conduct research, or exercise their talents to cultivate new relationships and learning between the United States and other countries. 

The Fulbright Visiting Research Chair awards are targeted opportunities at select universities/institutions designed to host exceptional scholars and experienced professionals who conduct research in a specific area.  There are only two Canadian Visiting Chair awards in Education. In order to qualify for this award, Dr. Jones developed a detailed research project proposal which addressed a compelling need to conduct educational research in Canada, as well as a three-page bibliography that supported the rationale for her proposed project. She then had to make contact with a prospective host institution, and secure an endorsement from the designated department and Dean of the University. 

As a result of her hard work and dedication, Dr. Jones was awarded the 2015-2016 Visiting Research Chair in Education at the University of Alberta for her proposed research project, "Inclusionary Internationalization: A Multi-Case Study of Policies and Practices in Alberta’s Institutions of Higher Education." This research project will be an institutional multi-case comparative study that will be beneficial to both Canada and the United States by identifying policies and practices used to promote greater institution inclusion. 

As a Fulbright Scholar, Dr. Jones will be responsible for conducting her proposed research project over a period of four months from January to April of 2016. She will have the opportunity to engage in workshops and lectures as a guest speaker, as well as learn from her colleagues at the University of Alberta. She plans to disseminate the results of her research in academic journals and conferences. 

The opportunity to be a Fulbright Scholar will help her expand the scope of her inquiry beyond the context of United States institutions of higher education. It will offer her a chance to gain new knowledge, experience, and networks that will deepen and expand her equity and diversity research agenda. She anticipates building new life-long professional and social relationships with the academic and administrative community at the University of Alberta, which will be invaluable towards her overall growth and development as a scholar. She believes that this opportunity will complicate and deepen her research and personal reflection about what it means to be inclusive in education, and how we can improve equity, access, and inclusion in higher education.