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Journeys May 2015

Student Spotlight: An Interview with Arden Lockwood

Arden Lockwood

What makes SIU's EAHE program special?   

As a non-traditional student with degrees and experiences in Information Technology, Business Management, French culture and language, and Education, I found that the doctoral program in SIU Carbondale’s Higher Education Department expanded my understanding of universities in both theoretical and applied perspectives. Working with my professors challenged my assumptions and my intellect. Today, I believe I am a better student, leader, and person because of my experiences within the program. 

How has it helped you toward your career goals? 

During my studies and research, I leveraged my past professional expertise and learned to apply it to the “culture” of Higher Education. More specifically, I built a research framework beginning with Project Management and then drew on the History of Higher Education, Policy Analysis Research, and Organizational Theories within my interdisciplinary doctoral research. 

My dissertation—entitled Exploring University Project Management Presence as Related to Organizational Models—will serve as a foundation for both future research and my professional responsibilities as I manage the SIU Carbondale Project Management Office (PMO), where I envision applying Project Management techniques to benefit students, faculty, administrators, and other University stakeholders. 

If you are working in the field, please include the job title and company/agency. 

I will graduate May 16, 2015.