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Journeys May 2015

Writing group promotes International Students’ success

Writing group promotes International Students’ success Dr. Jurkowski, professor in the School of Social Work has implemented a multidisciplinary writing group for Master and Doctoral students. The writing group’s primary focus is to give international students the tools necessary to be versatile and competitive writers in the field of publishing. Dr. Jurkowski oversees peer editing in amongst ten students from Economics, Social Work, and Political Science. The group serves as a place where international students can practice citing references, article critiquing and exchanging suggestions and resources. Additionally, it is Dr. Jurkowski’s aspiration that the students use the open discussion structure of the meetings to develop effective cultural communication skills both on and off paper. Collectively, from the initiation of the program in 2013 until present, the group has had five book chapter publications, multiple abstract submissions and participated in numerous conferences and presentations.

PHOTOGRAPH: L to R – Erick Kitenge, Dr. Elaine Jurkowski, Maor Rubenstein
Not pictured – Anwer Azim, Rimina Azad, Mary Helen Hogue, Sabita Shrestha, Anthony Agbah, Thuy Duong, Diep Duong