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Our Grant Projects

The Saluki spirit is one of learning, caring and giving and that is readily apparent with our many projects. We collaborate with units and departments across campus as well as with schools, government entities and others, providing valuable services and information to help wherever it's needed. Millions of dollars in external grant funding enable us to change lives for the better.

Challenge to Excellence!+ -

Challenge to Excellence was started in 1984 as a grant from the Illinois State Board of Education. Current SIU President Glenn Poshard and John McIntyre began the program in response to the needs of academically talented middle school and high school students in our region. Over the years, the courses offered have been mathematic problem solving, genetics, biology, art, creative writing, architecture, journalism, photography, and many more. Perhaps the greatest appeal of Challenge to Excellence is the many friendships that are established that last a lifetime. Learn more >>

Educating with Evidence+ -

Educating with Evidence, formerly known as Teaching with Primary Sources is a resource for K-20 teachers, teacher educators, history faculty, and curriculum directors for utilizing free resources to teach and assess with informational sources from the Library of Congress on topics ranging from local to world history. Learn more >>

Education and Training on Feeding Young Children + -

A special website for early childhood professionals, parents, family members, and caregivers focuses on the feeding of young children, providing relevant information not available elsewhere to have a positive impact on the feeding experiences of infants, toddlers and preschoolers, as well as on their development. It includes evidence-based strategies and interventions. Learn more >>

Illinois Institutes of Higher Education (IHE) Partnership + -

A project under the Illinois State Board of Education’s federally-funded State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG). The IHE Partnership is responsible for SPDG Objective 3: Increase the number of undergraduate and graduate educator preparation programs at IHEs that implement response to intervention (RtI) content in their curricula. The work connected to this objective involves integrating the new Illinois Professional Teaching Standards (IPTS) into educator preparation programs and increasing the field placements of candidates in settings where RtI is implemented with fidelity. Current participating institutions include: Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Chicago State University, Eastern Illinois University, Illinois State University, Loyola University, National Louis University, Northern Illinois University, and Western Illinois University.

In the initial phase, the focus was on obtaining agreement from IHE administrators to support project objectives at their respective campuses. In the second phase, the IHE Partnership staff worked collaboratively with the SDPG evaluation team to create and align the evaluation tools that measure project effectiveness and worked with IHE faculty in the initial program redesign process in Elementary Education programs. Phase three will focus on building capacity at each participating IHE and working with Educational Leadership (specifically principalship programs) Learn more >>

For information: April Teske, Technical Assistance Coordinator for SIU and Nancy A Mundschenk, Co-coordinator for the project statewide.

Illinois Office of Educational Services + -

We provide curricular resources and training opportunities for career and technical teachers. Learn more >>

Illinois workNet+ -

We participate in this free online resource offering career, training, education and work support information to Illinois residents and businesses. Learn more >>

Project 12 Ways+ -

We work with parents and their children in an 11 county region of Southern Illinois, giving them the skills to help end child abuse and neglect. Learn More >>

Rural Schools Collaborative+ -

The Rural Schools Collaborative is comprised of people who recognize the value of local schools and small communities. We believe innovative instruction, thoughtful collaboration, and targeted philanthropy strengthen the fabric of rural places. Learn more >>

SIU Carbondale Cancer Rehabilitation Laboratory part of The Strong Survivors
Exercise and Nutrition Program for Cancer Survivors and Caregivers + -

The Strong Survivors Exercise and Nutrition Program for Cancer Survivors and Caregivers utilizes exercise as a therapeutic tool to help cancer survivors and caregivers get through the treatment and recovery process.  Exercise programs are individualized for each participant and are based on medical and fitness histories, initial fitness assessment results, and quality of life goals. Learn more >>

Tracking Rare Incidence Syndromes Project + -

The Tracking Rare Incidence Syndromes (TRIS) project seeks to increase the knowledge base on rare incidence trisomy conditions, and to make this information available to families and interested educational, medical and therapeutic professionals. Learn more >>

Providing Skills

Project 12 Ways serves 11 counties in southern Illinois by teaching parents and their children the skills necessary to avoid child abuse and neglect.

Developing Illinois' Workforce

Illinois workNet is a free online resource offering career, training, education and work support information to Illinois residents and businesses.