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Saluki Kids Academy

Saluki Kids Academy is an intensive summer literacy tutoring program that includes recreational activities for children in kindergarten through fifth grade. It is a community outreach program organized by Southern Illinois University’s School of Education. We serve children who are striving to become better readers and, who may otherwise not have an opportunity to attend a summer camp. Children attending the camp receive intensive literacy tutoring during each morning session and spend the afternoon sessions engaged in recreational activities. In addition, the children are provided snacks and lunch each day. These experiences are provided at absolutely no cost to the families involved.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an application to volunteer with Saluki Kids Academy?

Applications will be available beginning Monday, April 28, 2014. You may pick up an application in the Curriculum & Instruction office, Wham 327 or you may contact Dr. Crystal Caffey, Director of Saluki Kids Academy at 618.536.2441, or at

How old do I have to be to volunteer with Saluki Kids Academy?

Volunteers must be at least 3 years older than any camp participant and preference is given to college students who are education majors.

How long is my commitment as a volunteer?

It is important that we work together to provide a stable, positive environment for camp participants. Therefore, we ask that volunteers only commit to the days and times that you are available and willing to work. Ideally, you will work for either morning session, afternoon session, or full day. It is great if you are available at the same times throughout the 3 weeks.

What hours will I work?

You are responsible for listing the days and times that you are available to volunteer. We ask that once your schedule is set for the three weeks, that you adhere to the agreed upon days/times. The quality of the program depends heavily upon the commitment from our volunteers. The children look forward to seeing you and other staff members look forward to working with you!

Do you provide transportation?

You are responsible for getting to and from the camp location/events.

How do I apply?

Complete and submit the Saluki Kids Academy Staff/Volunteer Application form and any background check information requested. Have the 3 reference forms included in the application packet mailed, faxed, or hand delivered by the person completing it to the included address.

When will I find out if I am accepted as a volunteer?

Our target is to begin interviewing on May 1st and notify those accepted the third week of May. But, we will work with you to schedule a date and time.

What training will I get for my role as a volunteer?

Volunteers who accept their placement will be required to attend an orientation. The date and time of orientation will be provided at the time of hire. It is tentatively scheduled for the week of June 9th.