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Academic Units

We have four academic units and the Teacher Education Program within the School of Education. You can choose from a variety of undergraduate, master’s and doctoral degree programs.

Counseling, Quantitative Methods, and Special Education (CQMSE) prepares graduates to be the leaders of tomorrow, the heroes who make a difference in the fields of educational psychology and special education, the ones who rise to the top as teachers and administrators in academia for all ages in both public and private agencies.

Curriculum and Instruction (CI) prepares educators who teach at a wide variety of human service institutions, schools, colleges and universities as well as those employed by government agencies, businesses and industries.

Educational Administration & Higher Education (EAHE) prepares graduates to be leaders in schools, colleges, universities and public and private agencies. We provide the knowledge, theory, research and practical applications for today’s teachers and administrators.

Workforce Education and Development (WED) meld education, training and experience within our students, helping them expand their horizons, improve their career competitiveness and reach their full potential. Our unique conceptual framework puts emphasis on the professional development of teachers and educational personnel and the reflective lifelong learning process.

Campus-wide Unit

Teacher Education Program (TEP) prepares students throughout the process of becoming an effective educator, from the first phase of teacher preparation and undergraduate studies, through licensure as an educator and all the way through your professional career.