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Bachelor's Degree Programs

Our diverse selection of undergraduate majors assures you can pursue your passion, whatever it may be, as you begin the journey to the career of your choosing. We offer more than two-dozen undergraduate programs, many in conjunction with other colleges on campus.

Our programs include:

Agriculture Education *+ -

(Teacher Education Program in conjunction with the College of Agriculture)

Our graduates work directly with youths and adults in a variety of agriculture arenas including classrooms, 4-H, cooperative extension and the industry. You’ll experience teaching, public relations and leadership training and have the opportunity to participate in collegiate agricultural organizations, too.  More >>

Art Education *+ -

(Teacher Education Program in conjunction with the College of Liberal Arts)

Joining with the School of Art and Design, we offer this program covering the various aspects of art education. Our students develop and teach programs in the Saturday Young Artists Workshop series as well as in various community settings during their study.  More >>

Biological Science Education *+ -

(Teacher Education Program in conjunction with the College of Science)

Students wishing to pursue a career in secondary-school biology education, a preprofessional human-health curriculum, or an interdisciplinary program in ecology. Students must choose one of these specializations to complete their degree. The Biological Sciences major provides interdepartmental, interdisciplinary training for specific career-paths in the life sciences. The curriculum is drawn from the resources of four life-science departments (Microbiology, Physiology, Plant Biology, and Zoology), each of which has its own undergraduate degree. Curriculum Guide | More >>

Child and Family Services * + -

The Child and Family Services program is designed for students who prefer to work with children in non-public school settings, such as Head Start or child care, or with children and families through an agency setting. In selecting courses, students can follow any of five suggested career tracks:

  1. Childcare program director
  2. Child development specialist/early intervention
  3. Family literacy
  4. Family educator
  5. Social service agency

This program is flexible, with many choices of electives. Students have practicum experiences with infants, toddlers, and preschoolers through the Southern Region Early Childhood Program. They also do a semester-long internship in an agency or early childhood setting as a capstone experience. Curriculum Guide | More >>

Early Childhood * + -

The Preschool Primary program prepares individuals to work in a public-school setting by earning a Professional Teaching License (PEL) in Early Childhood. More >>
Preschool/primary | "Curriculum Guide

Elementary Education *+ -

Teachers make the world better one child at a time and our program prepares you for a career teaching in grades kindergarten through nine. You’ll find our graduates in public and private classrooms across the country and beyond.  Curriculum GuideMore >>

English Language Arts *+ -

(Teacher Education Program in conjunction with the Department of English)

This program, accredited by the Illinois State Office of Education and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education, prepares you for certification as a high school English teacher. You will study language analysis and adolescent literature and learn best methods for teaching English. Curriculum Guide | More >>

Foreign Languages *+ -

(Teacher Education Program in conjunction with the College of Liberal Arts)

Foreign Language Education Guide

French:  A major or even a minor in French enhances career opportunities in the field of education and beyond. This program, from the School of Education and the College of Liberal Arts, gives you the tools you need to travel or work overseas or for research, study and teaching. Curriculum GuideMore >>

German: The German Studies Major is a versatile program and can be customized to complement a student's interest in various fields of study, while majoring or minoring in German.  Curriculum Guide

For information on transfer credits, assessment, placement, validating credit, and proficiency exams, see the Foreign Languages and Literatures section in the undergraduate catalog. Students who enter SIU with previous training in the language should consult with a language area advisor before enrolling for classes.

Spanish:  Through a variety of venues, activities and learning experiences, our students develop a high level of Spanish language proficiency and a broader knowledge of the Spanish speaking world. Since Spanish is the fifth most commonly spoken language in the world and second in the U.S. only to English, graduates of this program will find enhanced job opportunities in many fields. Curriculum Guide | More >>

History Education *+ -

The History Education program of study is one of two ways to work toward licensure in Social Science Education with a Designation in History. This program allows teacher candidates to teach the social sciences and be considered a “highly qualified” secondary education teacher in history with a heavy emphasis historiography, American history, and world history. Curriculum Guide | More >>

Mathematics Education *+ -

Here’s your chance to share your love of numbers and calculations with others. Graduates of this program can teach high school mathematics or find employment in business or industry. Curriculum Guide | More >>

Music Education *+ -

(Teacher Education Program in conjunction with the School of Music)

The Bachelor of Music in Music Education is a professional degree that leads to eligibility for licensure to teach music in the public schools for the State of Illinois. More >>

Special Education (LBS1) * + -

We prepare the highly skilled educators who teach in the field of special education or who serve in administrative positions at the elementary and secondary school levels. This program also offers specialty options allowing our graduates to become learning behavior specialists or early childhood special education educators or earn dual certifications. Curriculum Guide | More >>

Workforce Education and Development+ -

(Workforce Education and Development)

The Department of Workforce Education and Development is committed to linking education, work, and training to improve competitiveness within the workforce. We offer programs of study from undergraduate through doctoral degrees in an array of curricula to fit student's interests, career goals, and schedules. More >>
Organizational Training and Development
Regular Option | Curriculum Guide
Instruction and Learning Specialist Career Track | Curriculum Guide
Human Resources Specialist Career Track |  Curriculum Guide

* Educator Licensure required through the Teacher Education Program