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Doctoral Forms

In the School of Education, the Doctor of Philosophy degree in Education is a cross-departmental doctoral degree offered in four departments:

  1. Counseling, Quantitative Methods, and Special Education;
  2. Curriculum and Instruction;
  3. Educational Administration and Higher Education;
  4. Workforce Education and Development

The PDF fill-in forms linked in the Doctoral Forms navigation area (left sidebar and below), are required to be completed as part of your journey to earn your doctoral degree, and include:

Advance to Candidacy Form -- is used upon passing the preliminary examination, the student is advanced to candidacy. This advancement signifies that the doctoral student is capable of conducting independent research with the guidance of his/her dissertation committee. The chairperson of the student’s doctoral committee should initiate the advancement to candidacy forms and submit four copies to the Dean of the School.

Approved Changes in Ph. D. Form -- is used to request and approve any changes in the concentration or makeup of your degree pursuit.

Dissertation Approval Form -- is used in the preparation of the dissertation and final oral examination, the candidate should work with the doctoral committee chairperson and consult with other members of the dissertation committee, as needed, and as required by the chairperson. Students should follow the Guidelines for Preparing and Submitting the Dissertation.

Graduate Faculty Committee Form -- is used once the student’s doctoral committee is finalized, he/she should complete the Doctoral Dissertation Committee Form and the department will forward it to the SIUC Graduate School. Should the student wish to change committee membership, the student or any member of the committee must request this change in writing to the Dean of the School and submit revised Doctoral Dissertation Committee Forms.

Ph. D. Program of Study -- is your agreement with the department and academic unit regarding your area of study.