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Master's Degree Programs

Our diverse selection of master's degree programs guarantees you pursuit of your passion, whatever it may be.

Master of Science in Education, M.S.Ed

College Student Personnel+ -

(Educational Administration and Higher Education)

The College Student Personnel (CSP) Program is a 42-credit hour Master of Science in Education degree with a major in Higher Education. Our mission is to educate postsecondary educators and practitioners to understand, teach, and support collegiate student populations. Learn More >>

Curriculum and Instruction+ -

(Curriculum and Instruction)

The M.S.Ed. degree in Curriculum and Instruction is designed for the student to further develop professional skills and explore educational research and current issues. Every student takes the same seven core courses and then has the option to choose the remaining five elective courses depending upon personal interests and professional goals.

This degree requires the completion of a minimum of 32 or 36 hours of course work, depending on the research requirement selected. At least 15 of the required semester hours must be at the 500 level. The student must also meet Curriculum and Instruction core course requirements, research requirements, and other program requirements. No more than 6 semester hours of transfer credits (earned at a CAEP-accredited institution) may be accepted toward this degree. Transfer courses must be approved by the department.

The teaching license is not necessarily a requirement of the program admission, but it is important to note that this degree does not lead to initial licensure for the public school setting. Students who are admitted to the Language, Literacies, & Culture program area may consult with an advisor to take courses that lead to the Reading Teacher Endorsement and the Reading Specialist Endorsement. Learn More >>

Pre-K to 12th Grade Educational Administration Program+ -

(Educational Administration and Higher Education)

Principal Preparation Program prepares individuals to be highly effective in leadership roles to improve teaching and learning and increase academic achievement and the development of all students. Our graduates are ready to assume the responsibilities of a principal, assistant principal, or a related or similar position Pre-K through grade 12. Learn More >>

Superintendent Endorsement Program prepares students to be competent, dedicated, and caring individuals who are ready to assume the responsibilities of a school district superintendent. Students develop skills and aptitudes that will enable them to continue their professional growth and education throughout their careers. Learn More >>

Workforce Education and Development+ -

(Workforce Education and Development)

The masters degree with a major in workforce education and development is designed to accommodate a broad range of individuals preparing for training, instructional and administrative roles in career and technical education, business, industry, government, and other fields. The major consists of a minimum of 32 semester hours (thesis option) or 36 semester hours (non-thesis option) of course work for students with a background in training or education. Program requirements are organized into professional core requirements and specialty area courses. Learn More >>

Master of Arts in Teaching, M.A.T.

Curriculum Instruction Secondary Education+ -

(School of Education)

In response to the increased demand for teachers in Illinois and nationwide, SIU offers a highly marketable graduate degree program that can be completed in as little as 15 months and lead to teacher licensure in the areas of secondary English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science-Biology, Science-Chemistry, or Social Science-History. The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) is a degree program intended for persons who have successfully completed an undergraduate degree (Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, or Bachelor of Fine Arts) in the liberal arts or sciences and desire to pursue licensure for teaching at the secondary school level.

The MAT program is designed to meet the growing demand for qualified professional teachers by providing MAT graduates with the necessary knowledge, skills, and preparation to successfully teach our nation's youth. Upon graduation from the program, candidates will be licensed to teach in a school system in Illinois or in a state offering reciprocity. They will be broadly prepared in their content area with leadership experience pertinent to the public school setting. MAT candidates advance through the program as members of an interdisciplinary cohort of no more than 25 students and are required to work collaboratively within that cohort to investigate best approaches to effective instruction.

Those enrolled engage in a year-long internship (two semesters) in a public school setting while completing university-based studies culminating in the master’s degree. The MAT is designed as a high-quality, technology-rich, accelerated teacher license program; time-to-degree is approximately 48 credit hours (depending on area of concentration) over the course of one full academic year and two adjacent or contiguous summer sessions of course work. Those holding undergraduate degrees in teacher education are ineligible for this program. Learn More >>