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The Curriculum and Instruction program is proud of our legacy of graduating top-notch educators who go on to positively impact learners of all ages and their communities. Our graduates are competent, effective, and inspiring.

While our students leave campus to pursue careers in education, many of them continue to impact our program long after they've departed. Our alumni maintain a network of partnerships to provide educational opportunities for students, support scholarships to help deserving students afford higher education, and serve as mentors for students in our programs.

We are proud of what you, our graduates, have accomplished... and we want to hear your stories! Click the link below to share your accomplishments and success stories... because at SIU, we know that our alumni have the power to inspire others!


About the SIU Alumni Association

As the largest and oldest organization at Southern Illinois University, the SIU Alumni Association has been proudly serving SIU alumni and friends since 1896. Today, the Association has grown larger than anyone could have anticipated upon its inception. Not only does the organization offer a nationally-recognized extern program, but it also has delivered thousands of dollars in scholarships. These services and programs allow the Association to continue its mission of “revealing to the world the excellence of Southern Illinois University.” Learn More