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C&I Facilities

The Department of Curriculum and Instruction maintains several facilities designed to help support students as they move through our programs.

Mathematics Lab (Wham 201 & 202)

Math Lab 2The Math Lab consists of  two rooms separated by a portable wall in the Wham building (rooms 202 and 201). It is a teaching-learning center that is well-equipped with the materials and technologies future teachers will need to be successful in their field. All undergraduate courses in mathematics within the Teacher Education Program (TEP) for elementary, middle and special education students are taught in the Math Lab. Master's and doctoral courses in mathematics education are also taught here.

Reconfigurable Instructional
Classroom (Wham 308)

Wham 308 is a reconfigurable instructional classroom where pre-service teachers can increase their knowledge and skills with classroom technologies. Wham 308 provides the perfect setting to conduct classes using the next generation of instructional technologies. Wham 308 houses a smart board, 25 wireless Internet workstations, a presentation screen with instructional capabilities.

Virtual Environment Lab, V-Lab (Pulliam 113)

V-LabCreated in October 2009, the Virtual Environment Lab (V-Lab) is a joint research space created by the U.S. Army Research Office (ARO) and the Department of Curriculum & Instruction of Southern Illinois University through the Defense University Research Instrumentation Program (DURIP) grant. Th eV-Lab is home to a 72-inch HDTV that is used for virtual world simulations and training. Inside the V-Lab, students will experience a collision of two worlds - the real world and the virtual world.