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Note to doctoral students: Always communicate with your academic advisor/dissertation chairperson about your program and the use of the forms provided below.

The College of Education and Human Service's Ph.D. Policies and Procedures:

To keep track of program requirements and your own progress:

To submit the names of the members of your dissertation committee for approval:

To submit your Program of Study for approval:

When you attend and/or present at a professional conference:

To apply to take the Doctoral Preliminary Examination:

For help as you begin your Prospectus:

Take this form to your Prospectus meeting:

To apply for Graduation: Login to Salukinet. After logging in, under the My Records tab, in the SIU Personal Records channel, click on the View My SIU Student Records link to launch SalukiNet “Self Service”. Choose the Student menu and click on Apply for Graduation to get started. Once you complete and submit this online application, you should get an e-mail confirmation sent to your SIUC e-mail account within 24 hours or so. A graduation application fee will be charged to your Bursar account. Visit the commencement website for more information about graduation and the Commencement ceremonies.

To Announce your Oral Defense of your Dissertation:

These two forms must be taken to your oral defense of your dissertation: