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Independent Study

There are two undergraduate CI courses that are designed for independent study. Before you can register for either of these courses, you must follow certain steps.

  1. First, consult with your academic advisor about taking any independent study course. Discuss with your academic advisor the specific topic that you would like to study. Your advisor will be able to help you identify a faculty member who has demonstrated interest or background in that topic.
  2. Make an appointment to discuss the topic with the faculty member. Ask the faculty member if he/she is willing to work with you on the course.
  3. Finally, negotiate a contract with the faculty member. The course descriptions and guidelines for the independent study courses are provided below. The guidelines contain templates for creating course contracts.
  4. Complete, sign, and submit the Student-Instructor Agreement for the course you want to take. This Agreement must be approved and signed by your academic advisor and the faculty instructor before you will be able to register for the course.

All independent study classes are restricted to instructor approval. Therefore, you may not register for the class on Salukinet unless you have a Special Approval Override completed for you. After you and the faculty member have agreed to work together on the independent study class, the faculty member will complete an override on your behalf. After the override is complete, you will be able to register for the class.

Note: All independent study classes are offered for a range of credits. The Salukinet system will automatically assign the least number of credit hours when you register. In order to adjust the number of credit hours, you must double click on the number that denotes the number of credit hours assigned to you. This action will take you to another screen where you can adjust the number of credit hours.

Undergraduate Independent Study Courses

CI 390 Independent Readings Directed readings in literature and research in one of the following areas: (a) Curriculum, (b) Supervision for instructional improvement, (c) Language arts, (d) Science,(e) Mathematics, (f) Reading, (g) Social studies, (h) Early childhood, (i) Elementary education, (j) Middle school, (k) Secondary education, (m) Instruction, (n) Educational technology, (o) Environmental education, (p) Children’s literature, (q) Family studies, (r) Computer based education, (s) Gifted and talented education, and (t) Teacher education. Consent of instructor is required prior to registration. CI 390 Guidelines and Agreement

CI 393 Individual Research in Education. The selection, investigation, and writing of a research topic under the personal supervision of a member of the departmental staff in one of the following areas: (a) curriculum, (c) language arts, (d) science, (e) mathematics, (f) reading, (g) social studies, (h) early childhood, (i) elementary education, (j) middle school, (k) secondary education, (m) instruction, (n) educational media, (o) environmental education, (p) children’s literature, (q) family studies. Maximum of 6 hours to be counted toward a bachelor’s degree. Special approval needed from the instructor. CI 393 Individual Research in Education Guidelines and Agreement