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Early Childhood (ECE) & Infant Toddler Credentials (ITC) | C&I | SIU

Early Childhood (ECE) & Infant Toddler Credentials (ITC)

The ECE Credential is based on education through coursework and teaching experience of children birth through age eight. The Infant Toddler Credential focuses on specialized coursework and teaching experience with infants and toddlers and the director Credential is for those who seek to manage a daycare, preschool, or after school program. Specialized course work is required for the ITC and Director Credential.

Southern Illinois University is an entitled institution through Gateways to Opportunity. Enjoy the added benefit of meeting credential requirements as you either work toward, or complete a degree.


The Content Areas for the Early Childhood and Infant Toddler Credential (ITC) are what every early care and education practitioner should know and be able to do at various levels of training, education, and role responsibilities in the early care and education field.

The seven Content Areas represent traditional subject areas in the early care and education field as well as related disciplines. They are:

  • Human Growth and Development
  • Health, Safety, and Well-Being
  • Observation and Assessment
  • Curriculum or Program Design
  • Interactions, Relationships and Environments
  • Family and Community Relationships
  • Personal and Professional Development

For more information regarding the Credential Information for ECE and ITC, please visit Gateways to Opportunity website.