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Elementary Education Faculty

Elementary Education faculty members are well known for the personal interest they take in students’ educational development. They have had direct experience teaching elementary school children. Each brings that experience to the University classroom, where individualized attention and concern are demonstrated, not just discussed.

Highly involved in service, writing, and research, faculty members are well known and respected as leaders in the field of Elementary Education. They often serve as consultants to various organizations on the local, state, national, and even international levels. Several have been involved in educational programs in a number of countries throughout the world.

Many faculty members have held leadership positions in education organizations throughout the state, region, and world. The faculty includes past presidents of the Association for Childhood Education International, the Association for Teacher Education, and Phi Delta Kappa.

SIU Campus Faculty

Jerry Becker - Professor

Lingguo Bu - Associate Professor

Lavern Byfield - Assistant Professor

Ann Garrett - Lecturer

Harvey Henson - Assistant Professor

Cheng-Yao Lin - Professor

Christie McIntyre - Associate Professor; Coordinator for Elementary Education Program; Curriculum and Instruction Department Chair

Grant Miller - Associate Professor

Crystal Shelby-Caffey - Associate Professor

Louise Stearns - Senior Lecturer

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Maurice Byrd – Site Coordinator

Leslie Bertholdt – Program/Student Advisor

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