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Curriculum and Instruction

Elementary Education Cohort at Rend Lake College Marketplace

Students participate in a local version of the Elementary Education program developed by SIU in response to a call from the Illinois State Board of Education for new models in preparing elementary school teachers.


Each semester up to 25 students are admitted into the RLC Marketplace Elementary Education Program in cohort groups. Students progress through the program with peers, forming a tight support system and professional network. Cohort groups foster collaboration that can transfer to teaching roles. Cohort groups help build a solid educational foundation that will prove invaluable to students as they progress through their careers.


The B.S. degree in Education with a major in Elementary Education meets the career goals of students interested in teaching grades 1-6 and prepares them to earn the Illinois Professional Educator License. Graduates of this program are prepared to accept jobs in self-contained or departmentalized classrooms. In addition to general university and School of Education requirements, students must meet all requirements prerequisite to student teaching.

SIU students seeking Illinois teacher licensure must apply for licensure through the School of Education Office of Teacher Education and must meet licensure requirements in effect at the time of their graduation. Licensure requirements are determined by the Illinois State Board of Education and are subject to change. Teacher licensure candidates are urged to consult the current SIU Carbondale Undergraduate Catalog and materials published by the SIU School of Education Office of Teacher Education for updates to Illinois teacher licensure requirements.


  • Take, and pass, the Illinois Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP) prior to application.  (Formerly the Illinois Basic Skills Test)
  • Submit completed SIU application to SIU Admission Office.
  • Commit to taking classes over a two-year period as they are sequenced in blocks.
  • Participate fully in school-based experiences.
  • Earn a C or better in all courses.
  • Maintain an overall GPA (including community college as well as SIU grades) of 2.75 and a major GPA (includes C&I cohort coursework) of at least 2.75.
  • Complete a total of 60 credit hours of course work from a four-year institution.