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Teacher Education Programs


Admittance to the College of Education and Human Services' Teacher Education Program is necessary for students who wish to be eligible for State of Illinois teacher certification/educator licensing.

The undergraduate teacher certification/educator licensing programs blend university core curriculum courses, content area courses, methods courses, professional core courses and field experiences – in essence, theory, research and practice are integrated to best prepare students to meet the needs of diverse learners in a variety of curricular situations and settings.

In addition to its teacher education programs, the department also prepares students to practice in a wide variety of child and family service settings within the early childhood major.

A minor in Child and Family Services is also available, as well as courses for those students pursuing the standard high school teacher certification/educator licensing program.

The department offers programs to prepare students to qualify for the following Illinois Teaching Certification/Educator’s License:

  • Early Childhood teacher certification/educator licensing (ages 0-8)
  • Standard Elementary teacher certification/educator licensing (grades K-9)
  • Standard High School teacher certification/educator licensing (grades 6-12)

Fore more information about the Teacher Education Program, visit the TEP website.