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Graduate Programs

A career in education or human services is for those who want to change lives for the better, who want to help others find the good in themselves, and who find fulfillment in taking positive actions in their communities. A graduate degree opens more doors and presents more opportunities for you to find a fulfilling career. Our programs combine research, theory, and practice to prepare ethical and culturally-aware professionals. Come, learn, and grow with us!


Master’s Degree Specialize in:

Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Our versatile program helps you find the counseling niche best suited to your unique personality and skill set. You’ll find your strength in individual and group counseling for adults, adolescents or children in the setting best for you: community agency, treatment center, correctional facilities, residential treatment programs, employee or career counseling, or private practice. Need more inormation contact Debra Pender at

Marital, Couple and Family Counseling
This program prepares you to help a diverse population of couples and families. Participate in live supervision experiences during your practicum in SIU’s Clinical Center. Need more information contact Kimberly Asner-Self at

School Counseling
Gain Illinois licensure to work as a certified school counselor in grades K-12.  You’ll have the skills you need whether your goal is an urban or a rural school. While you are here, you’ll work in communities around SIU. Neffisatu Dambo at

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As our country strives to improve its educational system, measuring the affects of programs and policies, and assessing their success is increasingly important. Become part of the solution by learning to interpret statistical and measurement models.  At SIU, you’ll pursue a broad but rigorous methodological program that incorporates standard statistical software. You’ll specialize from there to discover your own specific interest and applications.


Course work and opportunities for field experience result in education professionals ready to excel in this dynamic career. You’ll learn how to address specific learning disabilities such as autism spectrum disorders, emotional or behavioral disorders, and sensory or developmental disabilities. You’ll learn how to lead a supportive learning environment. And you’ll find the niche best for you – as a teacher, administrator, professor, consultant, or researcher. 

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