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Areas of Specialization

Clinical Mental Health Counseling: The master's degree in counseling with an emphasis in Clinical Mental Health Counseling is a versatile degree designed to prepare students for a counseling career in the professional setting to which they are best suited. Our program prepares graduates to be dynamic, multiculturally and clinically competent counselors capable of engaging in both individual and group counseling in a variety of professional settings, such as community mental health agencies, hospice, adolescent treatment centers, children and adolescent residential treatment facilities, university career counseling centers, wellness centers, non-profit agencies, correctional facilities, employee assistance programs, and private practice.

School Counseling: The master's degree in counseling with an emphasis in School Counseling is designed to prepare dynamic, multiculturally sensitive school counselors to work as educational leaders who advocate for student growth and development as well as systemic change. Our training is founded on a strength-based, comprehensive school counseling model that may be easily adapted to the diverse needs of rural or urban school communities. Our program works collaboratively with the surrounding communities and partners with local schools to foster an understanding of the economically, socially, and culturally diverse needs of rural- and town-based educational settings.

Marriage, Couple and Family Counseling: The master's degree in counseling with an emphasis in Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling is designed to prepare counselors to work clinically with couples and families in various settings. Emphasis is placed on systems thinking and theory, interpersonal relationships, knowledge acquisition and competent skill application to a diverse population of couples and families.