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School Counseling Degree Requirements | Department of CQMSE | SIU

Degree Requirements

Core Courses Required (34 Hours)

EPSY 493-3: Counseling Skills Development

EPSY 506-4: Inferential Statistics

EPSY 512-3: Lifespan Development

EPSY 537-3: Counseling Children and Adolescents (PR: 493, 502)

EPSY 541-3: Theories in Counseling

EPSY 542-3: Career Development Procedures and Practices

EPSY 543-3: Group Theory and Practice (PR: 493)

EPSY 544-3: Appraisal in Counseling

EPSY 545-3: Cross-Cultural Factors Affecting Counseling (PR: 493, 541)

 EPSY 546-3: Crisis Counseling

EPSY 547-3: Research and Evaluation in Counseling (PR: 506, Advanced Standing)

Required Professional Practice/Clinical Coursework (12 Hours)

EPSY 548A-3: School Counseling Practicum (PR: 493, 502, 541)

EPSY 548C-3: Career Group Practicum (PR: 542, 543, 548A)

EPSY 591-6: Internship in Counseling (PR: 548C)

Required School Counseling Courses (12 hours) 

EPSY 502-3: Professional, Legal, and Ethical Issues in School Counseling (PR: Graduate status)

EPSY 521-3: Consultation in Schools and Organizational Systems

REHB 566-3: Alcoholism and the Family

3 Credit Hours in ELL to fulfill ISBE Requirement: See Approved Course Work List

Required for Students Without Teaching Certificates (3 Hours)

SPED 420-3: Advanced Theories and Practices in Special Education

*Highly Recommended Courses (3 Hours) 

EPSY 549-3: Diagnosis

Thesis Option (1-6 Hours) 

EPSY 599-1-3: Thesis (Students may opt to complete a Master’s thesis as part of their course of study.  See MS Handbook.)