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Doctorate in Counselor Education

The Department of Counseling, Quantitative Methods, and Special Education at Southern Illinois University, located in Carbondale, Illinois, is currently accepting applications for the Fall 2016 CACREP-accredited PhD program. 

The mission of the Counselor Education Program is to prepare doctoral level professionals in counselor education and supervision and to provide opportunities for ongoing learning and development in the cores areas of teaching, research, supervision, clinical work, and professional service. The program serves a diverse student body from the quad-state area of southern Illinois, southeast Missouri, southern Indiana, and northern Kentucky; regional and national urban centers; and the international arena.  Faculty expect graduates to be knowledgeable and skilled in their cognitive area of expertise, to be understanding and sensitive to the needs of the diverse populations they serve, and to be skilled in the creative application of current technologies.  Faculty are committed to preparing ethically responsible counselor educators and supervisors who are critically reflective about their profession and who recognize they must continue to learn and refine their knowledge, values, and skills throughout their professional lives.

We are a warm and welcoming faculty who have been recognized as both outstanding Mentors and Teachers by the North Central Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (NCACES), held national and regional offices (e.g. Association for Specialists in Group Work [ASGW] President and NCACES Member-at-Large), and published extensively in counseling journals (e.g. JCD, JSGW, MECD, PSC, and JLBTIC).  We include doctoral students immediately in teaching core counseling courses (first as junior Teaching Assistants, then senior TAs, then co-TA’s, then…you are on your own!).  We help you develop your voice in social justice and research, including you in our research and presentations at first, and mentoring you as you begin to conduct research and present on your own. 

Over the past 4 years, all our graduates have been hired as faculty across the U.S. and internationally!

Carbondale, IL is a small town in southern Illinois with beautiful scenery, hiking trails, low cost-of-living, and a diverse population (25% African American; 62% White; 5% Hispanic or Latino; 5% Asian; 5% multiethnic) including an international community, an LGBT community, and numerous religious organizations (e.g. Catholic, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, Protestant, and Wiccan).  

We welcome your application to our PhD program. 

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If you are interested in more information about our program, please contact me at  I would be delighted to talk with you!

Kimberly K. Asner-Self

Associate Professor and Counselor Education Doctoral Program Coordinator