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Doctoral Courses

Regardless of students’ chosen specialization area (or track), all students take 34 credits of foundational coursework, called the ‘common core’ or ‘counseling core.’ These courses are designed to aid counseling students in building a professional counselor identity by acquiring the knowledge, awareness and skills necessary for ethical and effective practice. Below is the current listing of core courses, credits, and total core course credits. 

Refer to specific tracks for a listing of additional courses in each track/specialization.

Course ID Credit
Course Title
COUN 503 3 Issues in Family Counseling
COUN 511 3 Instructional Psychology
COUN 595 2 Internship in Psychology of Teaching
COUN 597 6 Doctoral Internship
EAHE 587 3 Introduction to Qualitative Research
EDUC 510 3 Introduction to Doctoral Studies in Education
EDUC 511 3 Doctoral Seminar in Philosophical and Cultural Foundations of Education
QUAN 507 4 Multiple Regression