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Phd Counselor Ed Degree Requirements | CQMSE | SIU

Degree Requirements

The required program of study consists of a minimum of 86 semester hours beyond the master's degree and includes a 12-hour professional core in the College of Education and Human Services (COEHS), a 44-hour Counselor Education program core (minimum counseling classes 17 + research classes 15 + clinical hours 12 = 44 credit hours), 6 hours of electives and a minimum of 24 hours of dissertation credit. Course work taken in other departments or institutions prior to admittance may be accepted as part of the program of study at the discretion of the student's doctoral committee and upon approval of the Dean of the College of Education and Human Services and the Graduate School. The program of study consists of the following six components:

1. The College of Education and Human Subjects Professional Core

Required of all Ph.D. in Education students (12 hrs.)

EDUC 510 Introduction to Doctoral Studies in Education (3 hrs.)
EDUC 511 Doctoral Seminar in Philosophical and Cultural Foundations of Education (3 hrs.)
EDUC 505 Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods (3 hrs.)
EAHE 587 Introduction to Qualitative Research (3 hrs.)

2. The Counselor Education Program Core (44 hours)

Required doctoral program course work builds on accredited master’s program requirements and covers all doctoral content areas identified by CACREP Standards. (minimum 17 + 15 + 12 = 44 credit hours)

Counseling Core (17 credit hours)

  • COUN 511 Instructional Psychology (3 hrs.)
  • COUN 551 Supervision of Practicum (3 hrs.)
  • COUN 568A Topical Seminar in Counseling: Professional Orientation (3 hrs.)
  • COUN 568B Topical Seminar in Counseling: Advanced Theory (3 hrs.)
  • COUN 568C Topical Seminar in Counseling: Conducting Research (3 hrs.)
  • COUN 595 Internship in Psychology of Teaching (2 hrs. minimum)

3. Research Core (15 credit hours)

QUAN 506 Inferential Statistics (4 hrs.) or if you show evidence of competence in an additional quantitative course must be taken.

QUAN 507 Multiple Regression (4 hrs.)

Additional Qualitative Course chosen in conjunction with your advisor.

4. Clinical Experiences Core (12 credit hours minimum)

Doctoral Practicum: Students are required to complete a minimum of six credit hours of advanced practicum in three areas: EPSY 594 (1-6) individual, group, and either marital, couple and family or career. Practica may be completed at the SIUC Clinical Center or other approved settings appropriate to career goals. (6 credits minimum)

  • COUN 594 Counseling Practicum: Individual Counseling (2 hrs.)
  • COUN 594 Counseling Practicum: Group Counseling (2 hrs.)
  • COUN 594 Counseling Practicum: Career Counseling (2 hrs.) or
  • COUN 594 Counseling Practicum: Marriage, Couple and Family Counseling (2 hrs.)

Doctoral Internship (COUN 597 - 6 credits minimum): Each student develops an internship plan that is consistent with his or her career goals and includes those activities typical of a counselor educator and as outline by CACREP: counseling activities, professional association work, supervision, teaching, and research. Students may request approval of an internship plan after completing all practica and COUN 551: Supervision of Practicum.

5. Electives (minimum 6 credit hours)

The student, in consultation with their doctoral program committee, will select supporting courses and experiences for their career and research emphasis (minimum 6 hrs.). Coursework in such cognate areas of study as Educational Psychology, Higher Education and Administration, Health Education, Clinical and Counseling Psychology, Sociology, etc.

6. Dissertation (24 credit hours)

The student is expected to complete a minimum of 24 hours of dissertation research, or the minimum thesis, or research hours before being eligible to register for COUN 600-1 to 32 (Source: Adapted from the 2017-2018 Graduate Catalog.)

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