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Post-Baccalaureate (Graduate) Certificate in Quantitative Methods

Program Requirements

The Post-Baccalaureate (Graduate) Certificate in Quantitative Methods requires a minimum of 24 graduate credit hours. A total of 9 credits of the courses for the Certificate Program may also count for credit toward a graduate degree program, as appropriately and jointly determined (as needed) by the Quantitative Methods Graduate Certificate Program faculty, the office of the Dean of the School of Education, the Graduate School, the office of the Provost, and any particular graduate program advisory committee associated with the student. Further, a student must be currently enrolled in a graduate degree program at SIUC or an individual holding a bachelor’s degree and admitted to the Graduate School. Doctoral students enrolled in the Quantitative Methods concentration, however, are not eligible to earn this certificate. The certificate requires 18 credit hours in core courses:

  • QUAN 506 – Inferential Statistics (4 hours)
  • QUAN 507 – Multiple Regression (4 hours)
  • QUAN 508 – Experimental Design (4 hours)
  • QUAN 531 – Principles of Measurement (3 hours)
  • QUAN 533 – Survey Research Methods (3 hours), and
  • A minimum of 6 credit hours in QUAN 580 courses - "Selected Topics" (variable 2-4 credit hours per course).

Students admitted to the Quantitative Methods Graduate Certificate must complete each course with a letter grade of at least a B, and maintain an overall grade point average of at least 3.5 in courses taken under the auspices of the proposed graduate certificate program. If a lower grade is obtained in any given course, then the same course must be repeated until this overall grade point average requirement is achieved. Otherwise, credit will not be given for course(s) associated with this certificate and other Quantitative Methods course(s) would subsequently be required to be selected in lieu of course(s) where credit has not been earned.


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Course Substitution Policy

Students may request permission to replace QUAN 506 Inferential Statistics with four additional credit hours of QUAN 580 courses (10 credit hours total of QUAN 580 courses to complete the certificate). In order to make this substitution in the program of study, the following steps are required.

  1. The student must have submitted the long or short application form for the Quantitative Methods certificate program.
  2. The student must have completed QUAN 507 with a grade of A.
  3. The student must send a memo to the Quantitative Methods program coordinator to request the substitution.
  4. The substitution must be approved by the Quantitative Methods program coordinator and an approval memo placed in the student’s file with the application form in the unit. A copy of the approval memo is sent to the graduate school.

Program Completion

Once students have completed all program requirements, they shall complete and submit the Program of Study Form.