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QM courses | CQMSE | SIU


We are currently offering the following courses. For each course that is listed, the course description is also provided.

Course ID Credit
Course Title
QUAN 402 3 Basic Statistics
QUAN 506 4 Inferential Statistics
QUAN 507 4 Multiple Regression
QUAN 508 4 Experimental Design
QUAN 531 3 Principles of Measurement
QUAN 533 3 Survey Research Methods
QUAN 580a 4 Structural Equation Modeling
QUAN 580b 4 Factor Analysis
QUAN 580c 3 Multivariate Methods
QUAN 580d 4 Bayesian Inference
QUAN 580f 3 Categorical Data Analysis
QUAN 580f 3 Advanced Experimental Design
QUAN 580g 3 Item Response Theory
QUAN 580h 3 Monte Carlo Statistical Methods
QUAN 580i 4 Advanced Statistics
QUAN 580i 4 Computational Statistics