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College of Education and Human Services

Program of Study

 The program for all doctoral students in Special Education shall include:

Program of Study
Course Number Course Name Credit Hours

EDUC 510

Introduction to Doctoral Studies

3 hours

EDUC 511

EDUC 512

Doctoral Seminar in Philosophical and Cultural Foundations   OR

Doctoral Seminar in the Behavioral and Learning Foundations

3 hours

EPSY 505

Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods

3 hours

EAHE 587

Introduction to Qualitative Research

3 hours



3 hours

EPSY 575

Philosophical and Historical Issues in Educational Psychology

4 hours

SPED 578

Legal Framework for Special Education

3 hours

SPED 582

Theories and Models in Special Education

3 hours

SPED 583

Program Coordination in Special Education

3 hours

SPED 586

Proseminar in Special Education

4, 1-hour topical seminars

SPED 595


3 hours


Specialty area coursework for concentration in Special Education

18 hours

SPED 600


24 hours

All students in Speical Education must pass a written preliminary examination before being advanced to candidacy.