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Financial Aid

Students seeking financial assistance are encouraged to check our College scholarships, University-Wide scholarships, College-Wide Scholarships, and the Financial Aid office for additional funding opportunities.

Congratulations to our recent scholarship recipients:

Rebekah Nelson, a senior in special education, was awarded the Roscoe Pulliam Scholarship ($3,000), and Clyde and Bessie Brewster Endowed scholarship ($1000.00).

Jill Winkleman, a junior in special education, was a recipient of the Lita Hindman Luebbers scholarship ($6,000)

Christine Piha, a senior in special education, was one of four recipients of the SIUC Annuitants Association scholarship ($1000). Additionally, Christine received the Marion and Madelyn Scott Treece Elementary Education Scholarship, which pays full tuition and fees for two semesters ($11,000), the Special Education Leadership and Excellence award ($100.00), the University School Memorial ($500), and the Military Order of the Purple Heart ($700).

Katherine Ancell, a doctoral student in Special Education, received the E. Lyle Sparks Special Education Scholarship ($100.00)