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Student Council for Exceptional Children | Department of CQMSE | SIU

Student Council for Exceptional Children

The Council for Exceptional Children (SCEC) is the largest professional organization for Special Educators. Our activities are varied and include hosting presentations such as guest speakers or panel discussions, planning and/or participating in local activities for students with disabilities (e.g., Special Olympics, fishing trips), and participating as a student organization in campus activities.  Chapter members often participate in homecoming parade and campus activities, student governance activities, and working with College student ambassadors to promote education as a career.  Members of the Council for Exceptional Children have the opportunity to attend state and national Council for Exceptional Children conferences and conventions. 

Meeting announcements are distributed to special education majors through e-mail and are posted on the bulletin board outside of the Educational Psychology and Special Education Office, Wham Education Building 223. Come and join us!

For more information please contact the faculty advisor, Dr. Deborah Bruns (

Recent SCEC Activities:

  • The Student Council for Exception Children has hosted recently raised $2500.00 through a community fundraiser program.  Proceeds are donated to Gumdrops, Inc. which is a charitable organization whose mission is to donate backpacks full of food to impoverished school children in the region.  The Walmart Foundation and Facility # 196 supported these efforts by awarding a grant through the Local Community Contribution/Hunger Outreach Grant Program in the amount of $500.00.
  • The Student Council for Exception Children also participated in other charitable events over the past year.  Most notably, the Polar Plunge at Rend Lake and the Special Olympics Spring Games.