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Featured Student- Evan Brown

October 26, 2017


Evan Brown is the Founder and CEO of Meet & Teach. Meet & Teach is a non-profit organization designed to provide disadvantaged youth with educational hands-on workshops. Meet & Teach consist of a diverse group of volunteers that teaches youth creative processes in areas such as videography, music production, martial arts, dance, and more. Cape Town, South Africa is one of the organization’s main locations for hosting workshops. During the journey, volunteers are exposed to new cultures, vital history, and life changing experiences.

In addition to the hands-on educational workshops provided to the youth, Meet & Teach offers a basketball camp as well. The Meet & Teach Basketball Camp was established as a way of adopting youth from street gangs, drugs, and crime. Meet & Teach utilizes the game of basketball as a tool to teach kids life skills such as discipline, responsibility, teamwork, and more. 

Evan was motivated to create the Meet & Teach organization after spending 2 months in South Africa filming a documentary on apartheid, and how it still affects communities throughout Cape Town today. While working on the documentary, Evan caught the eyes of those throughout the community. Many of them showed a strong interest in learning how to operate his camera equipment. Without hesitation, Evan began working closely with underprivileged youth, teaching them many skills he had learned throughout college. After growing a passion for teaching, Evan returned to the United States, and pursued his Ph.D in Higher Education. “I really appreciate the program and the course work being taught,” Evan said. “It definitely helps in assisting me with running my organization because we learn about non-profits, program evaluation, grant writing, and more!”

Evan, along with a group of his volunteers, travels to Cape Town twice a year during winter and summer breaks from the academic school year. If you're interested in volunteering with the Meet & Teach organization, visit www.meetandteach.org and apply for the next upcoming trip.