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Gerontology Program Description

The Graduate Certificate in Gerontology is open to post-bachelor level students who are interested in the area of gerontology. It is designed to provide knowledge, skills, and specialized training in programs and services for older persons. The certificate includes core courses on aging in the following areas: social work, rehabilitation, health, exercise and education. Courses within the certification program will include, but not be limited to: policy and program issues, psychosocial issues and health and fitness issues. The coursework also includes a practicum in an agency suitable to the individual’s interest. Students must complete 18 semester hours of study including a minimum of three hours of practicum, to earn the certificate.

For more information contact: 
Phil Anton, Coordinator in Gerontology
College of Education and Human Services 

Interim Chair, Department of Kinesiology
Davies Hall, Room 107
Carbondale, IL 62901-4310
Telephone: (618) 453-3133