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Syllabi preparation for Web and Provost

Please follow these instructions when preparing your syllabus for use on the Web and distrubution to the Provost.

All syllabi must use the appropriate departmental Word document, syllabus template (unless you are using a PDF template provided by a former Provost):

Syllabus Template - CI
Syllabus Template - CQMSE
Syllabus Template - EAHE
Syllabus Template - PHRP
Syllabus Template - KIN
Syllabus Template - RI
Syllabus Template - TEP
Syllabus Template - WED

Save the word document as a PDF and name it, as outlined below:

  • The department/course initials should be labeled in all capital letters. ( i.e. REHB, KIN, CI, WED, SPED, COUN…)
  • There is no space between the department/course initials and the course number. ( i.e. REHB500, KIN300, CI365, WED625, …)  
  • In the end, a syllabus file would look like this — REHB500.pdf

For submission to the Provost:

  • Assign a member of your department to collect all the syllabi and place them in a folder.
  • The folder with all the syllabi should be named as “Department’s Initials and (present semester and year) i.e. "COEHS Fall 2016 syllabi”
  • Compress the folder and send the whole file to as an email attachment on the date it has been requested.

*DO NOT save as an image nor scan the syllabus and insert into a PDF.  If the syllabus is an image it cannot be copy as text for insertion into departmental websites.*