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TV Monitor submission

The college's TV monitors located on the first floor of Wham is updated weekly. Please submit dated informatiom at least one to two weeks prior to an event and/or announcement. We reserve the right to edit any submissions and make corrections, omit material, or do minor reorganization as required to achieve a reasonably consistent look and feel to the submitted work.

Guidelines for submitting information that will appear on the TV monitors are as follows:

  1. Announcements must be for the benefit of students (i.e. scholarship opportunities, upcoming events, career preparation announcements, volunteer opportunities, etc.)
  2. Short, one sentence testimonials are allowed based on space and readablity.
  3. Information can be submitted as a pre designed PowerPoint.
  4. All flyers, posters, photographs/images should be submitted as a “jpeg  or png" and/or in a PDF format as an email attachment. DO NOT paste images/photographs into a word document or insert them into an email.
  5. Photos must include basic caption(s). Keep content to a minimum. All announcements should include only basic information (i.e. type of event, target audience, time, place, contact information)
    We reserve the right to reject any or all flyers/images/photographs that are:
    • Saved in a different format other than an jpeg or png or in a PDF format
    • Blurry and out of focus
    • Inserted in the body of an email
    • Inserted in a forwarded email
    • Copied from a website
    • Poor quality

Submit to "" referencing "TV Monitor" in the subject line or submit to your Academic Unit/Department liaison who maintains the TV monitor in your department.