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Do you need your website updated?

Learn how to create and submit a “ticket” to University Web Services for your website updates.

  1. Create a ticket (Use a ticket for each job requested.) 
  2. Go to URL:
  3. A New Ticket screen will appear: 
    1. Click on “Open a New Ticket”
    2. Fill in all the fields within the form: 
      1. Provide your email
      2. Select “Website Update” (if that is what you desire)
      3. Be sure to provide the URL/web address of the page you want updated
      4. Select “Cascade (CMS)”
      5. Provide a topic of what you want done
      6. Explain in detail what you want done. (i.e. replace the banner image with the image attached.)
      7. Uploaded images and/or PDFs you want added to the page
      8. Enter the CAPTCHA text
      9. Click “Create Ticket” 
  4. An acknowledgement appears stating that SIU Web Services has received your ticket request.
    • A Check Ticket Status link is provided for viewing the progress of your ticket.
    • If you click on the link “You can view this tickets’ progress online.”
      • A new screen will appear showing your ticket information and the progress of your request.
      • This is another opportunity to add more instructions, if you forgot something.
      • Remember to “post a reply” if you have provided more information

You will receive an email from “Support” with your ticket number for each job request you make. Retain the ticket number(s) to check back into to check on the progress made to your request pertaining to a ticket number. Use this assigned number when referring to this job request.