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Organization of Sport and Exercise Science

A Registered Student Organization developed for undergraduate students specializing in Exercise Science. [Open To All Kinesiology Majors]

Organizational Purpose

Professional: To give members knowledge of job opportunities and experiences they may not be familiar with within our community and school, such as internships, volunteer work, participation in research.

Educational: To inform students of the academic curriculum of the Exercise Science specialization, and help pursue other sources such as certifications, workshops and other field related events. Includes ACSM and other professional certifications, health and fitness seminars.

Social: To keep students informed about appropriate policies and regulations in the Kinesiology Department. Also, to acquaint students and faculty through social and educational events that will help build relationships at a more personal level.


President – Jacob Jackson,
Vice President – Rigo Ochoa,
Secretary – Jazlyn Alley,
Treasurer - Maggie Pelagio,

Facebook group for information:

If you are interested in receiving job postings from various facilities contact Amy.

2nd Annual Quiz Bowl

The game Winners Answering quiz questions

On Friday, April 8, 2016, Organization of Sport and Exercise Science (OSES), hosted its 2nd Annual Quiz Bowl. Seven teams of three students competed in the event where questions were asked, Jeopardy-style, from category areas including: metabolism, biomechanics, cardiovascular physiology, anatomy, nutrition, strength and conditioning, ECG, and muscle physiology. The team called "In It To Win It" was the winner, claiming Quatros gift cards and a chance to attend the Midwest American College of Sports Medicine meeting this fall to compete against teams from other schools across the Midwest.  

The winning team members were:  Michael Simon, Gabriela Portillo, & Scott Carlson

2nd place: Team ACC, with Arishna Marshall, Landon Chandler and Abby Hull.   

3rd place : Team Excitation-attraction couplin, with Trebor Mann, Jacob Trammel, Amir Asyraf

4th place   Team ACLien with Sarai Ocampo, Ashley Sturgeon, Haeden Sweetin

KIN faculty members Kim Gray, Larry McKenzie, and Dr. Jared Porter served as the judges for the event and OSES members Jacob Jackson, Maggie Pelagio, and Rigo Ochoa handled the scoreboard.   Dr. Phil Anton served as the M.C. of the event.