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Kinesiology Departmental Awards

Dorothy M. Muzzey Loan Fund

Students who are enrolled in a major in Kinesiology (undergraduate or graduate) can apply for a loan through the Dorothy M. Muzzey Loan Fund. In the event the student meets a set of requirements at the completion of the degree program, the loan amount will not need to be paid back to the University. Dorothy M. Muzzey Loan Fund details.

Dorothy Davies Kinesiology Award

The recipient of this award must:

  • be a woman Kinesiology major,
  • have a 3.0 or better overall SIU GPA, and
  • be active in an University organization(s) or activity.
    Participation and leadership in campus activities will be considered on an equal basis with participation and leadership in departmental activities. Membership in professional organizations, officiating, and community service will be helpful but will not be required. A student may be honored with this award more than once.

Carol Lee Swim Memorial Award

Women students from three other universities are also eligible for nominations for this award. There is no specific grade point requirements.

The recipient of this award must be any woman Kinesiology major who possesses the following attributes: adventurous, fun-loving, dedicated, dependable, ethical, healthy, thorough, efficient, idealistic, trustworthy, and professional.

A committee from the faculty who knew Carol Swim will make the final selection from all those nominated from their respective universities.

Lingle/Ittner Family Memorial Award

The recipient of this award must:

  • be a graduating male senior in Kinesiology,
  • have lettered in a varsity sport at SIU,
  • have a 3.0 or better overall GPA, and
  • show leadership in professional and campus activities.

Jean Stehr Scholarship

This award is given to a junior/senior student preparing for a career in teaching Physical Education. The recipient must have a 2.5 or above SIU overall GPA, with at least a 3.00 in Physical Education, and display qualities of dedication, professionalism, and integrity so exemplified in the life and career of Jean Stehr.

Robert "Doc" Spackman Memorial Award

The recipient of this award must be:

  • a senior in Kinesiology specializing in athletic training who espouses personal and professional qualities of Robert Spackman, and
  • an outstanding student and athletic trainer.

Dr. Edward J. Shea Memorial Scholarship Endowment

The Dr. Edward J. Shea Memorial Scholarship Endowment is open to all applicants with the following qualifications:

  • Must be a Kinesiology major in the SIU School of Education
  • Must be a member of the SIU Varsity Men's Swim Team
  • Must maintain eligibility to compete on the SIU Men's Swim Team
  • Must maintain a grade point average which will allow scholarship award recipient to graduate in his major
  • Recipient may re-apply as long as ALL above criteria are met.

Graduate Student Achievement Award

An annual award to an outstanding graduate student in the Department of Kinesiology. The recipient is evaluated in the following categories:

  • academic performance,
  • work experience,
  • service and outside activities, and
  • research and scholarly activities.

Amounts of the awards presented depend on contributions; donations to any of these awards would be greatly appreciated.