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Exercise Science

The Exercise Science program includes coursework in the physiology of human performance, biomechanics, and motor behavior, and provides students the opportunity to seek additional clinical experiences. The program includes coursework in research techniques and a thesis or research project in an area of common interest to the student and faculty.

Research Core Requirement (13 Hours):

Courses: Hours
KIN 500 Techniques of Research 3 hours
QUAN 506 Inferential Statistics 4 hours

One of the following 6-hour options:

Courses: Hours
KIN 592 Research in Kinesiology 3 hours
  Additional Class 3 hours
KIN 599 Thesis 6 hours
  TOTAL  13 hours

Exercise Science Required Courses (12 Hours):

Courses: Hours
KIN 511 Biomechanics Analysis of Human Movement 3 hours
KIN 520 Metabolic Analysis of Human Activity 3 hours
KIN 525 Motor Learning - Theories of Research 3 hours
KIN 530 Exercise Psychology 3 hours
  TOTAL 12 hours

Electives*:  (Minimum of 12 hours required)

Courses: Hours
KIN 408 Advanced Exercise Prescription 3 hours
KIN 420 Advanced Exercise Physiology 3 hours
KIN 421 Principles of Skeletal Muscle Action 3 hours
KIN 428 Physical Activity and Exercise for Older Adults 3 hours
KIN 493 Individual Research in Physiology of Exercise 2-4 hours
KIN 505 Topical Seminar 3 hours
KIN 506 Medical Aspects of Exercise 3 hours
KIN 512 Biomechanics of Human Motion 3 hours
KIN 514 Research and Practice in Applied Sport Psychology 3 hours
KIN 515 Body Composition and Human Physical Performance 3 hours
KIN 590 Readings 1-4 hours
  TOTAL 12 hours

 *Electives may include coursework in other departments such as Health Education & Recreation, Curriculum & Instruction, Counseling, Quantitative Methods, and Special Education, Educational Administration & Higher Education, Psychology, Sociology, Business Administration.  Minimum hours for graduation: 37 hours.

Additional Requirements:

  1. Grade point average of 3.0 or higher for graduation
  2. Minimum of 15 credit hours of 500-level courses 
  3. A minimum of 37 semester hours for graduation
  4. Completion of a comprehensive examination 
  5. Advisors may require additional hours for specific programs