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Sport Studies

The Sport Studies program offers students a broad-based foundation through courses in sport psychology, sport sociology, and various aspects of sport management / administration. Students' programs will be individualized to provide coursework and related experiences to match their career goals.


Research Core:

Courses: Hours
KIN 500 Techniques of Research 3 hours
QUAN 506 Inferential Statistics 4 hours

One of the following 6-hour options:

Courses: Hours
KIN 555 Internship in Sport Management 6 hours
KIN 592 Research in Kinesiology 3 hours
  Additional Class 3 hours
KIN 594 Professional Development Project 3 hours
  Additional Class 3 hours
KIN 599 Thesis 6 hours
  TOTAL  13 hours

Sport Studies Core:

Courses: Hours
KIN 501

Foundations of Sport and Fitness Management

3 hours
KIN 504 Psychological Aspects of Sport and Physical Activity 3 hours
KIN 513 Social Aspects of Sport and Physical Activity 3 hours
KIN 550 Legal Aspects of Sport and Physical Activity 3 hours
  TOTAL 12 hours

Electives*:  (Minimum of 12 hours required)

TOTAL12 hours
Courses: Hours
KIN 416 Introduction to Teambuilding 2 hours
KIN 502 Methods of Interview Research 3 hours
KIN 505 Topical Seminar 3 hours
KIN 508 Administration of Athletics 3 hours
KIN 514

Research and Practice in Applied Sport Psychology

3 hours
KIN 517 Facility Design and Event Management 3 hours
KIN 525 Motor Learning 3 hours
KIN 530 Exercise Psychology 3 hours
KIN 540 Sport Promotions 3 hours
KIN 560 Gender and Sport 3 hours
KIN 580 Financial Aspects of Sport 3 hours
KIN 590 Readings in Kinesiology 1-4 hours
KIN 592 Research in Kinesiology 1-4 hours

  *Electives may include coursework in other departments such as Health Education & Recreation, Curriculum & Instruction, Counseling, Quantitative Methods, and Special Education, Educational Administration & Higher Education, Psychology, Sociology, Business Administration. Minimum hours for graduation: 37 hours.

Additional Requirements:

  1. Minimum of 15 credit hours of 500-level courses
  2. Minimum of 24 credit hours must be taken in the Department of Kinesiology
  3. Grade point average of 3.0 or higher for graduation
  4. Completion of a comprehensive examination
  5. Advisors may require additional hours for specific programs
  6. Students may use only 3 hours of non-classroom based class (e.g., KIN 590, KIN 592) toward electives credit requirement.