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Biomechanics and Integrative Movement Laboratory:

Is used by faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students to research biomechanically related topics of interest. This lab studies the forces which act upon the body, the resulting movements based upon the forces, and the muscle activation patterns which respond to the task and environmental factors contributing to movement

Capabilities of the lab:

  • 3-dimensional motion analysis,
  • 6 degree of freedom assessment of forces,
  • indirect measures of muscle force,
  • assessment of muscle activation patterns


  1. Qualisys Motional Capture System with 6 Oqus 100 cameras
  2. AMTI 6 degree of freedom force platform
  3. Motion Labs Systems 16 channel electromyography system
  4. Biodex system3 isokinetic dynamometer
  5. Kistler 3-dimensional accelerometer
  6. Polhemus electromagnetic tracking system
  7. Treadmill

Exercise Physiology Laboratory:

Capabilities of the lab:

  • Wingate Test for Anaerobic Power
  • Underwater Weighing
  • Resistance Exercise
  • VO2 max
  • Twelve-Lead ECG
  • Blood Chemistry Analysis
  • Treadmill, Cycle, and Arm Ergometry

Cardiovascular Control Laboratory:

Capabilities of the lab: