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Getting Their Hands Dirty

January 01, 2013

${image-alt} Under the guidance of Andrew Podell from Project Eco River, Herrin Elementary School fifth graders work together to design a habitat.

Article in the Southern Illinoisian 2012

Students work together to design habitat:

Herrin- Samantha Lamb, an SIU student teacher assigned to a fifth-grade class at Herrin Elementary School, wanted her students to apply the concepts they learned in science and social studies to the world around them. So, Lamb decided to supplement her teachings with what she described as a more “hands-on approach” and invited Andrew Podell from Project Eco Rover to visit her class.

Project Eco Rover is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing science throughout the area. “Their mission is to move education forward through the use of engaging students with natural world that lies all around them,” Lamb said.

During Podell’s visit, the students were introduced to a river model and had the opportunity to design a habitat they thought worked best for a community.

“This not only promoted team work, but also applied concepts like weathering, erosion and deposition to a hands-on approach, where they were able to see concepts like these happen right in front of them,” Lamb added.

 A Rockford native, Lamb now lives in Herrin and will graduate in December with a bachelor’s degree in elementary education.

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