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Earthquake Kiosk brings reality to life

March 31, 2017


Master Walls using earthquake Kiosk

The first-ever earthquake information Kiosk in the Midwest was developed by a team of experts directed by Dr. Harvey Henson from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale and Scott Hodgson from the University of Oklahoma.  The Kiosk is a highly visual and an unique educational tool that will greatly enhance efforts to improve public awareness of earthquakes and address earthquake preparedness to help prevent potential deaths, decrease injuries and mitigate other potential losses.

The Kiosk showcases the creative talent of the design team to produce realistic and engaging earthquake (science, history, simulations, preparedness and mitigation) content. The multimedia content on the Kiosk also features a NewSpin360 program with a virtual environment that allows users to tour and “spin” through a home. This application gives the earthquake informational Kiosk an added level of user interactivity… Kiosk users may interact with different rooms, spaces, and objects to learn about earthquake hazards in the virtual home. Users can navigate from place to place, click on the movie icon to view Do-It-Yourself (DIY) videos on earthquake mitigation and safety, and select PDF info sheets to learn even more ways to prepare their home for an earthquake.

Thanks to the collabortion of the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) and the Central U.S. Earthquake Consortium (CUSEC) who sponsored the development of the earthquake Kiosk using funds from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Motorola Solutions Foundation. Nearly $44,000 was awarded to Henson and his team to build the Kiosk and create its multimedia content.

The Kiosk is located in a high traffic area outside the entrance to the Science Center at the University Mall in Carbondale, where it is available to everyone.